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Troppo Giovane brings Europe’s finest wines to Amsterdam

Troppo Giovane in Binnen Dommersstraat. Beeld Jakob Van Vliet
Troppo Giovane in Binnen Dommersstraat.Beeld Jakob Van Vliet

With so many wonderful wines on the market, how come there are so few importers in Amsterdam? Théo Cauchois, 27, and Alessandro da Fies, 32, decided to do something about this. Cauchois comes from France, and Da Fies from Italy, so they began importing French and Italian wines for restaurants. It proved a good decision, and their products are now on wine lists at leading restaurants like De Goudfazant and BAK.

But then the pair decided it was a shame that such good-quality wines were being drunk only in restaurants, so they opened a store, Troppo Giovane, in a street off Haarlemmerdijk. They sell their own and other companies’ imports, mostly organic and from small vineyards.

Carbon footprint

All the wines come from Europe, partly because of the pair’s connections with growers there, and partly on sustainability grounds. “South African wine comes by sea, in refrigerated containers, so it has a big carbon footprint,” Cauchois says. “It’s a shame we have to import our wines by truck, but unfortunately there’s no alternative for a small company like ours.”

The owners are happy to share their expertise, and with prices ranging from €8.50 to €150, there’s something for everyone, whether you just feel like ringing the changes or take your wine very seriously. “We just love talking to people about our passion.”

Troppo Giovane

Binnen Dommersstraat 22-24

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