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Five places to eat exceptional pancakes in Amsterdam

In this series, we recommend five places in the city of Amsterdam for specific culinary needs – in this case, pancakes.

Mook Pancakes: The Blue Magic. Beeld Carly Wollaert
Mook Pancakes: The Blue Magic.Beeld Carly Wollaert

All-day breakfast

Anyone who doesn’t necessarily have to eat breakfast in the morning, can go to Madam Pancake for a diverse, all-day breakfast menu. With its pièce de resistance, the matcha pancake. Matcha is a Japanese green tea powder and is also known as the mother of all superfoods. The menu is brimming with healthy options to get your day or afternoon off to a good start. Anyone needing a more substantial starter can try The Hangover (€11.95), with toppings like bacon, sausage, caramelised onions and sour cream.

Lange Niezel 18

Pancakes in a tray

If you enjoy eating your pancake while strolling through the streets of Amsterdam, then The Happy Pig is the place for you. That’s because they roll up their pancakes, cut them into pieces and serve them in little paper trays. A delicious snack to enjoy on the fly. The restaurant’s concept is ‘Build your own pancake’, allowing you to create your own combination of the endless variety of toppings. There are plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans too.

Rosmarijnsteeg 12

Colourful snack

Following the popular red velvet cake, there is now also a red velvet pancake. It’s available at the Corner Bakery, known for its multicoloured dishes. The shop window is full of wonderful cakes, pastries and baked goods that all match perfectly with the playful interior. The red-coloured pancakes are doused in the smooth cream cheese sauce characteristic of red velvet cake. An order of this pancake also includes a bowl of colourful fruit.

Various locations

Real Dutch pleasure

The Upstairs pancake house is a typical case of ‘small but wonderful’. Located in a typical Amsterdam house dating from 1539, complete with steep staircases, the restaurant seats eighteen people, making it the smallest pancake house in Europe. As far as possible, Upstairs only uses local, organic produce. The meat products supplied to the restaurant by the local butcher feature in their delicious and richly filled pulled-beef (€13) and chicken ragout (€12) pancakes.

Grimburgwal 2

American style

You might recognise Moak Pancakes by the lengthy queues outside the premises. The two restaurants, with their old-school American hip-hop vibe, are hugely popular. And there’s a reason for that. They’re renowned for their thick, fluffy, richly filled American pancakes. The restaurant has an extensive and varied menu, featuring the most remarkable combinations of toppings and fun names. Take for instance The Golddigger, the most expensive pancake in the Netherlands. For no less than 100 euros you’ll undergo a royal pancake experience, including 22-karat gold leaf, a glass of champagne and Versace dishes.

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