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Breakfast at Bam Boa is served from 11 o'clock

With summer on its way, it might be a reasonable idea, but the vagaries of the Dutch weather mean that a beach cafe with a thatched roof perched on Weesperzijde presents a strange aspect.

Two weeks ago, Bam Boa opened its doors on the corner where the Portuguese restaurant Girassol once stood. Kae Sutherland (25), along with the brothers Diego (28) and Carlo Teixeira (25), aims to bring the beach into the streets of Amsterdam with a cafe where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Sutherland explains: “There are lots of cafes at the beach that also do a good trade in the winter: you can pop in there to warm up.” Bam Boa’s decor aims to appeal to the beach lover: rattan chairs, mirrors and lamps interspersed with cream cushions, white marble table tops and an olive tree.

As the clock tells holiday time, breakfast is served from 11 o’clock. The lunch menu offers healthy bowls, but Boa Bam also serves chicken, ricotta and home-cooked roast beef sandwiches. Sutherland: “The Dutch often simply demand a sandwich, and so we have catered to this.” Also on the menu are classical fruits de mer (€45.00) and Japanese beef tataki (€12.00).

And the name? Sutherland laughs: “The WhatsApp group the three of us used was called that - it came from the exclamation: ‘A new adventure, go for it, bam!’.”

Bam Boa
Weesperzijde 135
+31(0)6 848 695 64

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